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So, I’m watching Fairly Oddparents…

Wanda called Cosmo big daddy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She new what wassup 😏😏

August Alsina and Jhene Aiko story!!!

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for all you basketball lovers out there

Lemme drop in for a second

Im honestly not sure how the hell Roc plans to live this down. Not only did he make MB look bad , he embarassed his family.

2. He tweeted about surviving on his own, i get it. I understand you tryna make it. But negro you hangin around the EXACT place you said you tryna get up out. What sense does that make!! Plus you got a team of supportive ppl around you thats probaly tryna help you but you tryna do it on your own.

I pray this aint the of MB , but damn it somethin’ gotta happen.


Soo alot of people already got somethin’ to say about Elijah (EJ) . Like damn the boy just got in the group! Yall tryna run him off already?

TBH I think I like the change. Yeah it’s going to take some getting used to but , the change might be good. (Finally some bump and grind music :P )Β 

Plus , puberty did that boy some good he fine.

Come on yall. We all gone miss Prodigy but hey, give the boy a chance to prove himself before we go judging him so fastΒ