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Lemme drop in for a second

Im honestly not sure how the hell Roc plans to live this down. Not only did he make MB look bad , he embarassed his family.

2. He tweeted about surviving on his own, i get it. I understand you tryna make it. But negro you hangin around the EXACT place you said you tryna get up out. What sense does that make!! Plus you got a team of supportive ppl around you thats probaly tryna help you but you tryna do it on your own.

I pray this aint the of MB , but damn it somethin’ gotta happen.

B.Smyth and August Alsina story!!!!!!

Comment the person and the girls name. Kay? Mmkay!


Soo alot of people already got somethin’ to say about Elijah (EJ) . Like damn the boy just got in the group! Yall tryna run him off already?

TBH I think I like the change. Yeah it’s going to take some getting used to but , the change might be good. (Finally some bump and grind music :P ) 

Plus , puberty did that boy some good he fine.

Come on yall. We all gone miss Prodigy but hey, give the boy a chance to prove himself before we go judging him so fast 

please please please read you guys!!